[Update on 2016-12-01]

  • New feature: Dodgeroll(Press C key to evade enemy attacks)
  • New feature: Toggle fullscreen(Alt + Enter)
  • New feature: Double jump upgrade
  • New feature: Two-story elevator(Available on area 2)
  • Bug fixes and Art improvements

To the hell is a game about ordinary people in underground facility who go up to fight evil beings that suddenly appeared on surface.

It's a single-screen action game with Rogue-like elements, and is heavily inspired by great classic action games like Metalslug, Megaman, etc.


  • Retro pixel graphics
  • Old arcade style game play with boss battles
  • Unique characters and weapon, upgrades

More information

Published82 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsRetro, roguelite, Shoot 'Em Up
Player countSingleplayer


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